CONCESSIONS | C&C, takes great pride in building the nation - kilometer  by kilometer brick by brick.

At C&C we take great pride in being part of the nation building effort through creating state-of-the-art infrastructure assets.
A few of the ongoing project include:

  • Kurali – Kiratpur Highway
             Total investment of Rs.408 crs with Rs. 104 crs equity
  •  Mokama – Munger Highway
              Total investment of Rs.444 crs with Rs. 89 crs equity
  •  Muzzaffarpur – Sonbarsa Highway
              Total investment of Rs.656 crs with Rs. 131 crs equity
  • Patna – Bakhtiyarpur Highway
             Total investment of Rs.793 crs with Rs. 125 crs equity

Urban Infrastructure
  •  Mohali ISBT Complex – Total investment of Rs. 432 crs Mohali Junction is India's first air conditioned ISBT built on BOT basis.It comprises of an air-conditioned bus terminus coupled with commercial complexes, luxury hotels and banquet halls. Once complete, it would raise the profile of the city of Mohali to that of global structures.
  • Computerized Interstate Check Posts – Total investment of Rs. 456 crs with Rs. 251 crs equity
  •  1,500 Kms. of 765 kV and 400 kV Transmission Lines and 5 substations – Total investment of Rs. 4951 crs with Rs. 1282 crs equity.