Code of Conduct

The Company believes that good governance is voluntary and self-disciplining with the strongest impetus coming from Directors and the Management itself, and ultimately leading to paramount satisfaction to all the stakeholders.

In pursuit of the same, this Code of Conduct encourages the Board of Directors and the Senior Management of the Company to strive to achieve highest standards of Corporate Governance by setting new levels of excellence, integrity, transparency and fairness. The matters covered in this Code are of utmost importance to the Company, our shareholders and our business partners. This Code is intended to be implemented as “C & C Code of Conduct” drawn in pursuance to Clause 49 I (E) of the 'Listing agreement'.

This Code is applicable to the following persons (hereafter referred to as 'Officers'):
1. The Board of Directors,
2. Senior Managerial Personnel.

However, the provision shall apply to Executive and Non-Executive Directors including Independent Directors only to such extent, as may be applicable depending on their roles and responsibility.

Accordingly, Officers are expected to read and understand this Code, uphold these standards in day-to-day activities, and comply with:
1 All applicable laws;
2 Rules and Regulations;
3 All applicable policies adopted by the Company that govern the conduct of its employees and associates.

The principles described in this Code are general in nature and in case of any query or clarification, the Officers may contact the Company Secretary who will be the Compliance officer of the Company.